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Safety Gloves

Selling Safety Gloves Cloth Gloves. CV. Asstraco sells cloth gloves as one of the work safety equipment.
There are various types of safety gloves as hand protection from a variety of hazards that can injure when working, one of which is cloth gloves. Selling fabric gloves with the following types:
1. Standard fabric gloves (Cotton & Fabric Gloves)
This glove has a thin layer that allows air to enter the glove. This safety device
used to avoid scratches or abrasions or help the user's hands stay clean. This glove will protect against various types of dirt, pieces of material or abrasion. This type of safety glove is not intended for work related to sharp or heavy material. So it is recommended for protection against puncture, jagged material, fire, and heat.
2. Coated Fabric Gloves
Safety glove is usually made of cotton flannel by giving a layer on one side. There are various types of coatings used, including: Nitrile, PVC, Latex or Polyurethane. We can choose according to your work needs. With this layer, gloves will have the quality to withstand slippery. These safety gloves help enough to avoid scratches, blisters, and also help keep the user's hands clean. This hand glove is an improvement over standard cloth gloves which provide higher protection. Good protection against punctures, scratches, exposure to chemicals and alkanility of a material. Although this hand glove is chemical resistant, it does not mean it can be used as a substitute for special chemical gloves.

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