CV. Asstraco

Water Hose

Selling Water Hose Surabaya. We, suppliers who sell water hose in Surabaya, various brands and sizes at competitive prices. Water hose is one of the important tools that functions as a medium used to drain water in various industries and households. Water hose is flexible and elastic designed to carry fluids from one place to another. We provide a wide range of water hose for Diesel needs, pumps, hoses for plantations, hoses for projects, oil hoses, hoses for high pressure water, etc. Selling Surabaya water hose various brands that have been tested as follows:
- Sunny Hose
- Sea Gull Hose
- Milliard Water Hose
CV. Asstraco, Your Best General Supplier. For those of you who need this product, we are a supplier that sells water hose in Surabaya with the best quality products. Immediately make your purchase request and get the best price quote from us.

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